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Call Us : (08) 8258 1115

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  • Urgent Medical Care

    Contact us for injury and illness that are urgent but not life threatening

    Urgent-Medical-CareUrgent Medical Care

  • Chronic Disease Management

    An example like diabetes, chronic heart problems, joint pain, asthma, depression and other long term conditions.

    Chronic-DiseaseChronic Disease Management

  • Family Medicine

    “Cradle to grave” care for all family members; from minor ailments to serious medical conditions.

    familyMedicineFamily Medicine

  • Nutrition

    Contact us for an appointment with our highly qualified nutritionist.


  • Men’s Health

    Make an appointment for a focused consultation on issues specific to men such as prostate problems, erectile dysfunction and male baldness

    menHealthMen’s Health

  • Women’s Health

    Make an appointment for a focused consultation on issues specific to women’s health such as PAP smear, gyne problems, breast conditions

    womenHealthWomen’s Health

  • Pathology

    Pathology services are provided on site to make it easy for fasting blood tests and complex pathology tests.


  • Minor Surgery

    Clinic based removal of lumps, bumps and skin conditions requiring surgery. These procedures are conducted under local anaesthesia by surgically skilled Doctors.

    skinSurgeryMinor Surgery

  • Health Checks

    A range of periodic health checks for children and adults to identify and treat illnesses and conditions in a timely manner

    Health-ChecksHealth Checks

  • Travel Clinic

    We provide travel kits, travel vaccinations which are specific to the destination

    Travel-ClinicTravel Clinic

  • Pre-Employment

    We do comprehensive pre-employment medicals including ECG, spirometry, audiometry, muscular skeletal exam, urine drug screen


  • Workcover

    Comprehensive care for work based injuries with emphasis on communication and patient advocacy


  • Skin Cancer Clinic

    Skin cancer screening, treatment, surgeries, prevention and long term monitoring /surveillance

    Skin-CancerSkin Cancer Clinic

  • Flu Vaccination and Immunisation

    Seasonal flu Vaccination, childhood immunisation, travel vaccination, employment vaccination

    FluVaccinationFlu Vaccination and Immunisation

  • Allergy Clinic

    Allergy screening, investigation and treatment, (e.g.) desensitisation and
    immunologist liaising

    Allergy-ClinicAllergy Clinic

  • Palliative Care

    Planned care at home or clinic settings for palliative patients offering medical care with empathy. Care with a focus on patient dignity and wishes.
    Palliative-CarePalliative Care
  • Sleep Medicine

    Facilitate home and clinic based sleep study
    Sleep-MedicineSleep Medicine
  • Child Health

    Make an appointment for a focused consultation on issues specific to childhood health including immunisation, development milestones, nutrition, behaviour and conduct.
    Child-HealthChild Health
  • Sports Medicine

    Care for injuries resulting from sport activities, high and low impact injuries with rehabilitation, long-term follow-up and preventive education
    Sports-MedicineSports Medicine